Cheap Sex and Canadian Booze

by The Disliked

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"Rough-sounding practice recording. Captures the real energy and attitude of the band, though. There's a few places where the tape cuts out for a split-second, and you can't make out the vocals too well, but other than that, it's top-notch." —Sam Sinister


released October 15, 2006

The Disliked (New Castle, PA) was:

Fidget - vocals
Sam Sinister - left guitar/backing vocals
Mario Sapanero - right guitar
Chris Vermin - bass/backing vocals
Ryan Bower - drums/backing vocals




Sam Sinister New Castle, Pennsylvania

I've been writing music for a good while, and have done time in various bands, including Dead City Dealers, Bob Sagget & the FullHouse, The Disliked, The RUNS, and The Reversatiles.

I also have an ongoing solo project called Sam Sinister and the Plastic Sinister Band, in which I play mainly with myself.
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Track Name: Will Punk for Beer
Screaming out obscenities as I drive through your yard
Optimism makes me wish on you bodily harm
I hope your sleeping sound as you rid yourself of dope
Part of me wants you dead and hanging from a rope

Will punk, will punk, will punk for beer
Douchebag, Douchebag, Douchebag the the queer
Will punk, will punk, will punk for beer
Get the, get the fuck out of here

I'm tired of you lying 'bout being against the norm
You shop at Hot Topic and look at child porn
You're a worthless fuck, you dont know who you are
You'll fade into oblivion at some seedy little bar


"Hey little girl, out past your curfew?"

Your crying for attention's driving everyone away
You've made us all so angry, someday you'll have to pay
You make us wretch, you make us gag
What it all comes down to is you're just a little fag

Track Name: Cheap Sex and Canadian Booze
Last call, scramble to the bar
I act like I don't give a crap
Douchebag fratty eyeing me up
Popped collar and sideways hat
He buys me a beer from up North
I'm so desperate for a chat
So he drones about his SUV
I play nice and sit on his lap

Cheap sex and Canadian booze
I'm so lonely with nothing to lose
I'm an easy lay 'cause I'm bored
Your company is all I can afford

The bar scene is so overated
By 21, I was ever so jaded
There's nothing to do, no one to see
Nothing to do, no place to be
Hey there, do you got the time?
Will it be your place or mine
I need a body, I need a face
To help me feel like I'm not erased

Track Name: Liberal Stomp
(Lyrics: Chris Vermin)

Stomp a liberal in the head
Stomp a liberal 'til it's dead
It's liberal logic is making me sick
This liberal cuntrag's a fuckin' dick
They say they're fighting for you and me
But they've corrupted the land of the free
the policies they want are fascistical
Get outta my state, you fuckin' liberal

Liberal stomp (x6)
Woah-oh, woah-oh, liberal stomp (x2)

(Repeat all, including chorus, then 4-bar instrumental break, then chorus again)

Stomp (x6) - Liberal stomp!
Stomp (x6) - Liberal stomp!
Track Name: Lonely at the Top
(Lyrics: Sam Sinister, Brianne Donnegan)

Got a craving for human flesh
Don't look now I'm eating through your chest
I'm not particular if it's fresh
Spleens are good but I like brains the best

Apex of the food chain, I'm so lonely at the top
Driven by hunger I am powerless to stop it
I like the livers of alcoholics, yeah!
I like the pons of narcoleptics, yeah!

I eat society's waste
I never leave a trace
You can see it on my face
And I really like how it tastes


Sugar-coated cadaver bones
Lobotomized pleasure drones
I want a peice of you
But anyone will do
I eat the breast and thighs
I love to hear your cries
Rigor mortis ease on down
Rigor mortis ease on down